Kanda is one of seven at the Institution. He was framed of murdering his mother, which were actually the memories of Yuuki. Kanda has blond hair and green eyes. He wears the normal uniform of the Institution. His first name is Shin.


Kanda has never committed a crime though he is in the Institution.


Kanda was made after the others lost parts. Yuuki's memories, Yoshitomo's penis, Okadai's weight and internal organs, Hazu and Hito's limbs, and Kengo's head. Because of this he will never age and never be the "normal" teenage boy like the other six. Kanda was made by the maker of the Institution. His goal was to make the ultimate, immortal human doll. He wanted the dolls to live like normal humans, so Kanda, and many others before him, was made. Kanda, though, in the end, went against his creator because of his friendship with Yuuki.

Kanda, at first, wanted nothing but to graduate and be the first doll to make it out of the Institution. He tried manipulating Yuuki and the other five, into thinking he was not the doll but Yuuki was. Instead, he earns Yuuki's trust. On the first day, Yuuki and Kanda work together to find the keys to the rooms they will be sleeping in. In that time, they run into everyone. From day one, he was cautious of the others finding out.

In subject 10, they chose the graduate out off Kanda, Yuuki, and Hasu. They thought long and hard after putting in all their keys. Kanda took this opportunity to turn the seventh key (Yoshitomo's key) and becomes the graduate. Everyone is very confused on why he did it so he confesses that he is the doll. Kanda thought that Yuuki would be surprised but he wasn't because he noticed that his wrists were cut, like in Kanda's 'memories'. Kanda is then forced to take out Yuuki's heart so he can be a full doll. Yuuki says it's fine and Kanda can live on and give everyone Yuuki's parts instead of Kanda. In the end, Kanda kills himself.

The reason behind Kanda wanting to become the graduate is because he knew he would have to take out Yuuki's heart. So he took the knife and ended his own 'life'. The Instution's workers save the six that made it out alive, giving back their parts in the process. The dolls made before Kanda, then kill the workers and principal. In his last moments, he saw Kanda on a desk staring back at him, smiling.

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